Find an AdoptMatch-Approved Adoption Professional

ADOPTION IS CHANGING FOR THE BETTER IN MANY WAYS. In most states, it used to be that only the adoptive parents were represented in the process. Their agency, their attorney.  Thankfully, ethical adoption professionals are recognizing that it doesn’t make sense for the only person without her own attorney to be the one who is relinquishing the legal rights to her child. Each AdoptMatch-Approved Professional values an expectant mother’s need for her own attorney.  Any family you choose on AdoptMatch is working with an Adoption Professional who practices the highest standards of ethics and who will offer to connect you with your own attorney in your area, free of charge to you.

If you don’t find a family on AdoptMatch that you think is right for your child, we encourage you to contact an AdoptMatch Approved Professional From The AdoptMatch Directory. They will be happy to speak to you directly, either by phone or in person, about your specific situation and answer your questions about adoption.