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Adoptive Family Details

Family Facts

  • Children: One Child
  • Region: Northeast
  • Faith: Catholic
  • Education: Graduate Degree

Jaime & Jimmy

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us as you make the most important decision of your life. Choosing parents for your child is an incredibly personal decision. We'd like to return the favor by giving you a personal look into our lives and the love we share for each other and our son.

In this profile, we hope to give you an idea of the future your child will have with our family. We offer a loving home, filled with family and friends, pets, opportunities, learning and laughter that we'd love to share with another child. We're a silly couple who value family, health, education, honesty, humor, loyalty, respect, generosity, balance and success.

Adoption is not a decision we came to lightly, it's simply always been in our lives. Our personal journey starting a family has been an enlightening one for both of us. We finally became parents in December 2016 to our son Will. We are eager to grow our family and continue the experience and joy of being parents together.

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Why Adoption?

Adoption has always been a part of our lives. We have multiple family members and close friends who were adopted, through Gladney, which is what brought us there! Because of this, adoption was always a natural choice for us in deciding to grow our family and it continues to be even after having a biological child.

Get To Know Us

Our son Will was born in December 2016 and started our journey as parents. He has changed our relationship and strengthened it in ways we couldn't have prepared for. Becoming parents for the first time solidified our love for each other and confirmed our dreams of more children. Will has a huge personality for a little guy. At two, you can already tell he likes to entertain. He brings laughter into every situation and loves to see smiles all around. It's been amazing to watch his character grow into the person he wants to be. His favorite things are Mama & Daddy, dancing & music, reading, bananas, running, swimming, playing with his cousins, visiting the zoo, making animal noises and tug of war with our dog Keg. Since our days playing basketball and volleyball in college, fitness has been a major part of our lives. We've been lucky enough to take what we love and make a living doing it. We run a family business offering personal training services right in our own neighborhood. Everyday we help clients lead healthier lives through exercise training. Having our studio in the neighborhood offers us the flexibility to work close to home and still be with a growing family part-time. We both love our careers and the accommodating schedule it offers to grow our family. Our weekends are typically spent with family. From parents to siblings and cousins, we're all very close and enjoy tons of family events together from birthday parties to weddings and everything in between. From Jimmy: Jaime is the most determined and caring person I know. She can do anything she puts her mind to -- whether that be a star athlete, a successful entrepreneur, or the best mom. Her love for our son, me, our dog, family and friends shows in everything she does. She truly puts family first and is the backbone that we depend on. Jaime's ability to create her best life is a characteristic most people don't have. When most people settle, Jaime will not. She not only pushes herself to be better but encourages everyone around her as well. From Jaime: When I first met Jimmy in college, he was a carefree, goofy, smart, sweet guy -- and that hasn't changed. He is a big kid at heart who loves to play games, and sometimes gets more excited over Will's toys than he does. His infectious enthusiasm for life and laughter is what made me fall in love. It's corny to say your husband is your best friend, but Jimmy is mine. No matter the circumstance, I can always count on him for support, guidance, honesty, patience or a bit of levity.

Our Home & Community

We both grew up in suburban areas and assumed it's where we would end up raising a family. However, once we moved into our current neighborhood in the city, we fell in love with it and those plans were over. Four years ago we purchased our first home in the city. Some of our closest neighbors have become like family to us. Our home is on a great street with tons of neighborhood kids and close to parks and playgrounds. The close-knit community, cultural advantages and convenience of everyday living all appeal to us and have proven to be an incredible environment for children. Our area offers the best schools in the state, diverse culture, attractions and entertainment, social and sporting events and unparalleled educational opportunities for kids. We have memberships to the local zoo and several museums that we visit regularly.

What We're All About

We are an incredibly active family and wouldn't have it any other way. We've experienced skydiving, race car driving, concerts, zip lining, sporting events and more. We never pass up fun at the lake. In the Adirondacks we spend our summers hiking, water skiing and playing beach games. Traveling is also a passion we both share. Together we've visited over a dozen U.S. states, driven Ireland's countryside, visited Italy's historical landmarks, enjoyed Spain's city culture, seen the French Riviera and witnessed the Grand Prix racetrack in Monaco. Will is checking off his bucket list as well, and taking him on these adventures has been so rewarding. To name a few, Will experienced snow skiing soon after he could walk, enjoyed apple picking at the lake and went solo down his first pool slide. He's made it to Napa wine country, San Francisco and even been to Disney World last year! We're always trying to find something new to explore. We are excited to continue to share the experience of traveling and an active lifestyle with our children and show them all the world has to offer.