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Adoptive Family Details


Family Facts

  • Children: no_other_children
  • Region: Mid-Atlantic
  • Faith: Christian
  • Education: Graduate Degree

Dustin & Melissa

Whether we are doing an activity outdoors, spending time with family or having a movie night at home, we love sharing life with each other! We are able to find joy in the "little" things in life. Faith and family are very important for us. We have never doubted our desire to be parents and look forward to welcoming a child(ren) into our home.

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Why Adoption?

We have been married 12 years and have been praying for children for most of our married years. Even when we were dating we both shared a strong desire to someday be a mom and dad! We are unable to have biological children due to infertility. However, we still share the same desire to provide a good and loving home to a child(ren). Through much waiting and prayer God has led us to adoption. Both our lives have been touched by adoption. Dustin's grandfather is adopted. When Melissa was growing up her family provided foster care for infants. Both our families are very supportive of us and are looking forward to welcoming our adopted child(ren) into the family! We plan to communicate to our child that they are adopted from the very beginning. We do not believe there should be any shame associated with adoption. We are so excited to start growing our family.

Get To Know Us

Together we enjoy spending time with our families (especially our niece and five nephews), going to baseball games, spending time in the outdoors, going to museums, vacationing at the beach & celebrating holidays and birthdays. We both enjoy our full-time jobs and are blessed to have a similar work schedule that gets us home in time to share dinner together. Loving and caring for each other and our families is a top priority for us.

Our Home & Community

All Melissa's family is local and Dustin's family, while more dispersed, is only a few hours drive. We love spending time with our family. We even vacation together. When vacationing we love to cook (especially breakfast food!) for the whole family. We both grew up attending church and we continue to attend the church Melissa grew up in. Through the years we have both been involved in the children’s and youth ministries there. We consider our church part of our family.

What We're All About

We know that each child has their own unique talents and interests. We want to support our child(ren) by allowing them opportunity to pursue those interests. While we both currently work full-time we are open to Melissa transitioning to working from home, working part-time or becoming a stay-at-home mom.