The AdoptMatch Difference

ADOPTMATCH is more than just a matching service, marketing company, or business-as-usual adoption business.  We’re on a mission.  Our mission is to raise the ethical standards in adoption practice by only promoting adoptive families who are working with Adoption Professionals committed to the very highest standards of ethics and birth parent support in the nation.  Our families and their professionals recognize the need to provide Expectant Parents with excellent pre and post-adoption care, including medical care, counseling, separate legal representation, and a network of post-adoption support.  They understand that an adoption that honors and supports a birth parent is also best for the child and the adoptive parents.  AdoptMatch-Approved Professionals recognize that adoption shouldn’t be a profit-driven industry and are committed to charging reasonable, not excessive fees, for high-quality work.

What the adoptmatch
mission means for adoptive

You can be assured that you will receive ethical and compassionate guidance throughout your adoption. If you’re already working with an AdoptMatch-Approved Adoption Professional, well done. If not, click here to find one in your area.  If you happen to be working with an adoption professional who is not yet included in the AdoptMatch Directory of Adoption Professionals, tell them about AdoptMatch and encourage them to apply to become an AdoptMatch-Approved Professional by committing to the AdoptMatch Guiding Principles.

Your Birth Mother will be connected with important resources including expert counseling, separate legal representation, quality medical care and post-placement support.

Your AdoptMatch Profile will be given significant exposure to Expectant Parents throughout the U.S. without requiring you to blow your child’s chance of a college education on matching fees, before he or she is even born. AdoptMatch believes that adoption should be a  financially realistic option for all kinds of families, even the ones who don’t want to launch a Kickstarter campaign or have a bake sale to pay for it.

what the adoptmatch
mission means for: