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Frequently Asked Questions

Adoptive Families

How much does AdoptMatch cost?

Beginning July 1, 2017, AdoptMatch will charge a monthly subscription fee to Adoptive Parents. Through June 2017, membership is free to Adoptive Parents. AdoptMatch will always be free for Expectant Parents.

What is an Approved Adoption Professional?

AdoptMatch is committed to connecting people who are willing to follow best practices in adoption. Approved Adoption Professionals are either attorneys who are members of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys (AAAA) or Licensed Adoption Agencies. In order to qualify, the attorney or agency will need to confirm that they agree with AdoptMatch’s Guiding Principles, which we believe go a long way toward creating a respectful and compassionate adoption.

How is AdoptMatch different from other adoption matching sites?

Whether you are an Expectant Parent or Adoptive Parent, the adoption process makes you vulnerable. Rather than requiring direct contact as most matching sites do, AdoptMatch allows you to connect through your Adoption Professional. AdoptMatch is designed to attract Expectant Parents by assuring them that AdoptMatch families are committed to open, child-centered and respectful adoptions.

Does AdoptMatch represent us?

No. AdoptMatch doesn’t represent anyone; we’re simply a connection point for Expectant Parents and prospective Adoptive Parents. We’re not a law firm, adoption agency or adoption facilitator.

Does AdoptMatch screen Expectant Parents?

No. When an Expectant Parent requests additional information about you, she will be connected with your Adoption Professional who will initiate their regular screening process with her.

Why can’t an Expectant Parent contact me directly?

Unfortunately, there are people in this world who aren’t as trustworthy as they should be. AdoptMatch doesn’t want anybody in the adoption process to be treated unfairly or misled. By making sure the initial contact goes through an Adoption Professional who is committed to open, child-centered and respectful adoptions, everyone is afforded a little more protection.

How do I know if an Expectant Parent is interested in our profile?

You may view how many “likes” your profile has received in My Account. In their discretion, your Adoption Professional may inform you when an Expectant Parent requests additional information about you. If you find your profile isn’t getting the number of “likes” you’d hoped that might be an indication that it needs to be tweaked.

Who sees our contact information?

Expectant Parents who register with AdoptMatch will be given access to the Adoptive Parent Profile you post; however, your contact information will never be shared by AdoptMatch. If an Expectant Parent requests more information about you, your Adoption Professional will be notified by AdoptMatch to contact her via email or text. The Expectant Parent will receive your Adoption Professional’s contact information, not yours.